Sunday, December 18, 2011

Festivus: Geocaching for the Rest of Us

It was exactly 14 years ago this week when Frank Costanza proudly announced that he created a new, fictional holiday called Festivus. Although Festivus is a fictional holiday, the celebration of Festivus has a very well defined set of events beginning with the "Airing of Grievances."
This usually brings participants into a circle of sorts in which each takes turns excoriating friends, enemies, relatives, acquaintances and strangers. When all who care to have taken a turn griping, there is no required hugging or making up. -

In the spirit of Festivus, please allow me to share some of my grievances related to Geocaching.
  1. Inappropriate sharing of personal information 
  2. Geocaching's status as a sport
  3. Overzealous geocachers (and people who take geocaching way too seriously)
  4. Rules-vs-guidelines (and reviewers that don't seem to know the difference)
  5. Know-it-all geocachers (and people that just like to fight a lot)
  6. Micros in the woods
  7. Bad coordinates 
  8. Reckless disregard for personal property or the environment
  9. Jeep and traveling coin collectors
  10. Poison Ivy!

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