Sunday, March 13, 2005

The Hunt Begins

Being my first post to this blog site, I thought I would list my current finds so far in my first weekend of Geocaching. My first find ever was R U NUTS??? which ended up being the closest cache to where I live. One my third day of caching, I took my wife and daughter. Since Emma got such a kick out of finding the dinosaur eggs in the Thirsty Dinosaurs cache, I decided to go ahead and register her account on as Geo-Baby.


Thirsty Dinosaurs
I learned a valuable lesson today, don't take a Toyota Camry off-road, up a hill, and through a swamp! Yes, I tried and got stuck. After pushing the car out of the mud and being spattered in the process, we then quickly found the cache near the ROAD on the other side of the hill I was attempting to climb when I got stuck. I dropped off Scooter the Skeeter in this cache to continue on his journey.

Being of Sound Mind

Night Moves - 2!
This cache was incredibly fun! Angie, Emma and I trecked out to this location after missing the turn many times and then made the scary hike through the woods to the cache location. Emma was the only one who didn't seem scared at all and kept talking and singing the whole way there. Unfortunately, I left our trade items (glow sticks) and a pen back at the car. Because of this, I had to return by myself the next day to sign the log and leave the trade items.

"You Can't Judge A Book By Looking At The Cover"

MotelStix-Travel Bug Motel
I picked up my first travel bug, Scooter the Skeeter, from this cache. The plan was to drop him off at Siblings Pond in College Station, but I couldn't find the cache and had to bring him back to Waco with me.


R U NUTS??? (UMM #7)

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