Thursday, March 24, 2005

New Avatar Design

After getting a few comments about my previous avatar and how it looks somewhat like the Groundspeak logo, I noticed it does look like 1/4 of the Groundspeak logo, but this 1/4 of the Groundspeak logo looks a LOT like the Handspring Visor logo. So does this mean that Groundspeak owns the rights for all solid color stick figures and Handspring owns the rights to all multi-color stick figures? My purpose in using this avatar is not to defraud any consumer or pull any business away from either Groundspeak or Handspring - especially since I am a paid member of and have purchased a Handspring Visor. My purpose is simply to leave a mark that signifies me and what I enjoy doing which is participating in the recreational sport of geocaching with my trusty Handspring Visor. With this in mind, I offer up for your viewing pleasure my temporary, new, M-T-P logo!


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