Monday, June 20, 2005

Big Weekend Run

Father's Day weekend was a full weekend of caching for me! On Saturday, I decided to find many of the quick park-and-grabs around the west/central area of Waco. I ended up finding all 11 caches I went for.

Then on Sunday, we went to eat lunch with my wife's family in Hutto, TX near Austin, TX. On our way back, we found 1 cache in Hutto, 2 caches in Round Rock, and 2 caches in Temple. Overall, I found 16 caches and had zero DNFs on this caching weekend. I'm getting so close to #100 that I can almost taste it! I'm sure it will happen sometime this summer.

6/19/2005 Cottonwood Creek Critter
6/19/2005 Round Rock Rocky
6/19/2005 Dell trail
6/19/2005 In The Bush
6/19/2005 Bellaire North
6/18/2005 Off Target
6/18/2005 "A Horse With No Name"
6/18/2005 The Target of My Affection
6/18/2005 Your a Poet and don't even know it!
6/18/2005 Tower of Power
6/18/2005 "I'm A King Bee, Baby"
6/18/2005 Buckle Up
6/18/2005 Roll with the changes!
6/18/2005 Step Up to the Plate
6/18/2005 I Am Ramachandran The Butler
6/18/2005 Welcome to Wally World

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