Sunday, November 20, 2005

Missing Radioactive Material in a Military Style Ammo Box

Oh, great! Just what we need - Radioactive Geocaches along Texas roads right through Central Texas!!!
Radioactive Material On Its Way To Kilgore Is Missing

It made stops in Abilene, Austin, Dallas and Tyler and somewhere along the way radioactive material came up missing before it got to East Texas. A New Mexico agency is hoping that someone in Texas can help them solve a mystery of some missing radio active material, that did not reach its destination in Kilgore.

Workers at ProTechnics in Kilgore were immediately alarmed when earlier this month a military style ammo box that contained radio-active material, turned up missing on a shipment from New Mexico.

The FBI is investigating the theft of the shipment. Investigators believe two vials of antimony-124, a radioactive material used in the oil and gas industry, were stolen before the truck got to Kilgore.

The vials were transported in a military style ammo box, but it was not marked and that's a problem according to the Texas Department of Public Safety. According to TxDOT, any vehicle transporting radio-active material must be marked accordingly, and any container holding the material. The material is also sometimes used for chemo-therapy in humans. The material is not considered a terrorist threat because of the small amount involved.

However, antimony-124 is toxic and can cause skin ulcers and even be lethal if ingested.

Authorities say if you see the box, do not touch it. Stay at least 15 feet away and call authorities. Anyone with information can call local authorities or the New Mexico Environmental Department's Emergency number at 505-827-9329. You can also leave a voice mail at 1-866-428-6535.

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