Thursday, January 19, 2006

Rockin with Rackin

Last weekend I went geocaching with a friend, Rackin, around the Highway 6 and Lake Waco area. Overall, it was a fun trip with 13 successful finds! Most were fairly easy to find and involved several short hikes, but one of the ones we thought at first to be a quick PnG turned out to be the toughest one all day. RockyHorror, is a small man-made concrete container designed to look like a small boulder. Normally, it wouldn't be so hard to spot a large concrete fake-rock in the woods somewhere near a cache site. However, THIS cache site is under one of the large highway bridges that span the lake and is hidden in the middle of a 30-40 foot rocky slope located between the frontage road and the edge of the lake itself. We immediately had the feeling that we weren't looking for a needle in a haystack; we were looking for the needle in a 30 foot pile of needles!!! Finally, after climbing up and down the rocky slope for almost 25 minutes and just as we were about to give up hope, Rackin spotted it hidden under another larger boulder so it could only be spotted from below. I'm sure that others might not have as much trouble finding this as we did, but I'm definitely glad to have this one crossed off of my list anyway.

Thank you, TheGeoGoes, for a tough but fun cache!

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