Friday, June 16, 2006

Request for Prayer

I would like to request from any and all of you who pray, please say a prayer for me. Monday morning, I will be undergoing a collection of 4 relatively minor surgeries. Even though they are all minor individually, having all four at once is likely going to create a long, hard, and painful road to recovery over the next three or four weeks. I won't be doing any geocaching, but I will still try to get an informational article or two posted during this time as I feel up to it. Please pray that the surgery goes well and that my recovery is as quick and pain-free as possible.


Anonymous said...

Said a prayer... Best of luck!

Jim J. in Chicago

silver horde said...

Hope all goes well
ttfn Jane

blazerfan said...

Didn't get to reading this till today. Hope all went well and you have a quick recovery.

Unknown said...

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. The surgeries went well and I'm in the thick of recovery right now. I'm having a hard time reaching a balance between minimal pain and the nasty effects of narcotic pain medication. If I'm non-narcoticized for any length of time, the pain becomes too unbearable to talk or even swallow, but as soon as the narcotics kick in again, I'm a zombie with my skin crawling off my back and can't really tell if I'm awake actually doing something or just asleep and dreaming that I'm awake and actually doing something. As soon as the pain part starts to go away, I can stop taking so much of this narcotic and I'll be feeling much better. I'll just have to wait and see.

Anonymous said...

I just got a chance today to read some of my favorite blogs (of course your's is always a favorite stop) and found this post. I am glad to hear all went well and you are on the road to a good, quick recovery. Many thoughts and prayers coming your way from Arkansas.


jestjuggle said...

Hi John -

Haven't been online much lately. Sorry to hear about your surgeries. Hopefully you are on the end of the recovery road.


SaudiCacher said...

New to the world of blogging but not to geocaching ..
I came across your informative blog while creating mine .. just wanted to wish you well.

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