Thursday, September 21, 2006

4, 3, 2, 1... Jeeps!

A short while back, I noticed one of the new green Jeep travel bug icons next to a local cache listing on one of my regular pocket queries. I made a mental note to go out and find that cache on my way home from work that day. However, by the time I actually finished my work and could go home, I checked the pocket query to see if the Jeep was still there and noticed two more Jeeps in another nearby cache. This time there was a new 2006 green Jeep and also a 2005 white Jeep. I went home, grabbed my GPS and some good swag including a couple of new movie DVDs (I wanted to trade fairly considering I was planning on snagging all three jeeps), and dashed out the door with my 3-yo daughter behind me to find these three jeeps in two caches. Success!

I managed to come home with two green 2006 Jeeps and one white 2005 Jeep, but the fun didn't stop there! After putting the girls to bed and sitting down on the computer to log these exciting finds, I ran the same PQ expecting to see the same three Jeeps and noticed one more green Jeep pop up on the list. I couldn't resist finding 4 Jeeps in 1 night, so I grabbed my GPS, another DVD, and my headlamp flashlight and dashed out the door again! I ended up approaching this cache from the worst possible way and spent just over an hour getting to the wrong location and back again before I finally found the cache and my 4th Jeep TB for the night!

4 Jeeps at
3 Caches in
2 Hours on
1 Day

4, 3, 2, 1... Jeeps!!!

A few days later, I met another cacher, LifeonEdge, at another nearby cache and we swapped two of my green Jeeps for one of his green Jeeps and a yellow 2004 Jeep. Now, I have in my hands a yellow 2004, a white 2005, and two green 2006 Jeep TBs ready to be distributed! I think I'll plan a meet-n-greet event soon and distribute them that way once I complete the 2006 Jeep's missions.


Julee said...

I once followed a friend of mine with his GPS setellite receiver and record the tracks we've used or passed to create a virtual map of some sort. It was fun. Gotta save the coordinates of the roads, places and such :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, John, we met at the bday party Saturday. Here's the url for the music blog I mentioned. Write me at the email if you like. Also, the Streampad feature lets you quickly sample songs on the home page or listen to it like a radio station, only without a dj. I tried to AIM you but it wouldn't send. Great talking with you, and good luck.

Tortoiseshell said...

Great caching blog! Why stop...?

Unknown said...

Very cool. I want a jeep. :}

Jackycatty said...

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