Saturday, September 20, 2008

Indiana Earth Cache

I've been hoping to have the opportunity to find an Earthcache since the first day that I began caching. Earlier this month, the opportunity presented itself while I was at a family reunion in McCormick's Creek State Park near Spencer, Indiana. While staying in the Canyon Creek Inn, I pulled up, entered my current location, and noticed that I was surrounded by caches of varying difficulty. Since I didn't have too much time, I had to make my decision carefully, and that is when I noticed GC16PX4: Canyon Falls of McCormick's Creek. This was my first cache in Indiana, my first Earthcache, and my first cache in about six months.


Anonymous said...

Hi John!

Good to see you blogging again! Congrats on the Earth Cache! Very cool! I still need to log one......last time I checked (long time ago) there were 2 (?) within 90 miles of us. I need to check on that again!

Congrats again and keep the blogs coming---they are great reading!! :)


Anonymous said...

did you go geocaching with your kids? they are adorable.:)

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