Monday, April 16, 2012

Geocaching Pen

I generally don't post many product links on this website, but sometimes I find a particular product that just blows my mind on its usefulness. Normally, I wouldn't put a pen in this category, but I've had too many experiences lately where I happen to find a cache while out-and-about without a pen handy to sign the log. In fact, this weekend, I resorted to scratching my name in a log with a muddy toothpick because I found a cache while out of town and didn't have a pen with me in the car.

This pen is a tiny, telescoping pen that attaches to your keyring or other keychain. With this, if I drive to a cache, I'm guaranteed to have my pen with me!

True Utility Telescopic Pen on


Geocaching Family said...

We have resorted to writing in the log with a crayon one of the kids left in the truck. This looks like a better alternative. Thanks for the info.

Geocaching Maps said...

This is truely useful. I often have the issue of not having a a pen with me, when I am spontaneously finding some cache box.
So - thanks for this hint!

Robyn Broyles said...

Wow, this is a great idea, and not just for geocaching! I need to get one of these. One thing most cachers will ALWAYS have with them is their keychain, so it makes sense to put a pen on it. Currently I have a compact weather-resistant pen from REI in my geocaching "goodie bag" that goes with me to every cache, and it's never done me wrong, but I'm always scared I'll lose it.

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