Thursday, May 07, 2015

Check out the PodCacher GW13 Experience Bundle!

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Harry "DE_Cryptoman" Eyre said...

John, I thoroughly enjoyed the article. In the article or some attachment thereto, I found an advertisement or recommendation for a telescoping pen that I could put on my key ring. WHAT A BARGIN! At first I was a little concerned about the price but when they (I ordered 2) arrived, I found that first, each had the pen with with three additional refills attached. But then the real bargin was the container that the pen came in. It is a relatively high quality cache container made of hard clear plastic and appears to be waterproof. I have seen similar containers but their quality does not come close to the quality of these containers. So, for the price of the pen, I got the pen, three refills, and a great cache container. Thanks!

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