Monday, April 11, 2005

Two-in-one and a solar eclipse!

Last Friday afternoon, a small group of the BUCachers and I got together to log two caches-in-one. The plan was to visit the coordinates for Bridges to Nowhere at exactly 5:06:34 p.m. on April 8, 2005 to claim credit for "Timing" is Everything. In order to claim the find, we had to take a photograph of a digital watch that displayed this exact time and date next to a GPS that displayed these exact coordinates. For the credit, we used the coordinates N 31° 34.062 W 097° 08.170 which corresponded to virtual coordinates of N31° Seconds.Minutes2 W97° Day.Hour(24-hour)0. Oh what we'll do to log a couple of caches!

However, what was really cool was that we did all of this during the 2005 solar eclipse. Although it was fairly overcast and we really couldn't see much of anything for lack of shadows, it was still cool to know that we were out there when all of the action was going on.

Later that afternoon and on Saturday and Sunday afternoon, I drove around town and logged a small collection of other locationless/reverse caches and one physical cache that I've been searching for 3 times already.

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