Friday, February 24, 2006

What is Cacheopedia?

Cacheopedia is a wiki site to create an online encyclopedia / reference / survival guide for the sport of geocaching. It is a source for geocaching FAQs, articles, definitions, guides, and a whole lot more. Anyone can write an article about any geocaching-related subject that they wish. Readers can also improve articles that others have written.
I just recently discovered Cacheopedia and am thoroughly impressed by both the quantity and quality of the articles posted. Cacheopedia is basically a wiki site all about geocaching. It is similar in style and appearance to I can promise that a link to Cacheopedia will soon appear in my updated Links section!


Anonymous said...

Hi John,
I've been enjoying your blog and all the great information. I wanted to get some quality information as my project has often been described as geocaching. I have never thought of it as that but wanted to understand this better. Geocaching is ceratinly an adventure all of its own!
"Summit-Stones" by DSD

Anonymous said...

We found a perfect little painted stone by dsd in yosemite last summer and thought it was a cache. Got us interested in caching.

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