Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Cheap Signature Cards - Update

My 250 free geocaching signature cards from VistaPrint have arrived! The cards I ordered look exactly like they did on the online preview and arrived much faster than I anticipated. The edges are clean, the text is clear, and the overall quality is really great. I still wish I had more customizations and designs to choose from at no charge, but I can't complain about free. Thanks VistaPrint!


Anonymous said...

nice looking cards

Nate said...

John, I've really enjoyed your site. It's just full of great info on geocaching. I've liked it so much I've added you to my blog listings at www.gpssearch.blogspot.com

Diana Thornton said...

I just got some signature cards from Vistaprint. I had mine customized with my own images and they turned out great! I'm thinking about ordering a stamp next and getting into letter boxing. This looks like a great blog. I'm looking forward to reading it. Just started caching and have fallen hook line and sinker.

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