Saturday, August 05, 2006

101, 101, 101, 101, 101, 101, 103?

Geocaching in Texas during summer is always a hot experience. For the past 6 days in a row, we've been hitting an afternoon high of 101°. Last night, a local weathermen came on the air and said the words we've all been waiting to hear, "It won't be 101° again tomorrow." Unfortunately, he soon followed that statement with, "Instead, I predict that the afternoon high will reach 103°."

With temperatures like these, it is almost too hot for even the local park-n-grabs. Unless things cool even slightly, my geocaching activities are on hold. Until we get back down into the upper 90°s, consider me "out of the kitchen" because I can't stand the heat!


jestjuggle said...

We had an 8 day heat wave here in New England too. Finally broke today. But no geocaching, had to do the outside chores that were ignored for that period. Pretty close to caught up now so caching is in the forseeable future. One bright spot though is that blog posts are more prevelant. I posted some info I had been working on for months and a of my favorite bloggers are posting too.

There is a bright side to everything!
Mike and Barb
At Jestcaching

Anonymous said...

Has been hot here too. I am ready for fall weather so I can spend all day caching without ending the day all crispy from the heat.

Happy caching,

Matt said...

I say your comment about Micro's on my Blog and took the link you left me to your blog. I really have to go to work now, but I put your blog on my links list.

I look forward to reading through you blog when I have more time later this week.

Thank you,


BomberJjr said...

Ahh, thats not fun. I hope the temperatures have since dropped and you are now geocaching in full swing at the moment.

Unknown said...

I much prefer the cooler weather, myself. Can't do the heat...

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